Southern Maryland 

Practical Shooters



   Welcome to Southern Maryland Practical Shooters or better known as "Southern Maryland Bullet Slingers" (SMBS)
    We started up back in November 2012 with our first official USPSA match and what a blast that was! The fun has never stopped and I can never thank everyone enough for the support provided to make this club happen to become such a success.  A great club just will not come alive without awesome people to make it happen. My good friends from Blackwater Practical Shooters and Fredericksburg Practical Shooters have always been there with Range Officer Support to the last minute fix on a stage to get our match rolling on time. On our local front help the Sanners Lake IDPA crew was a great help to make sure we had everything to get our match to ground from target stands, props and set up.
     In my efforts with the SMPS crew is always there to back me up is that we want our matches to be fun, challenging, and to be a great time for all to enjoy from the New Unclassified Shooter to the Grand Master Class Shooter.


Chris "Vet" Viverette





There were a few questions regarding range etiquette or protocol. I am going to try an answer the best I can without drowning you all in a sea of words.


1st Set up:  The set up crew has their match fee waived. Most of the set up has many other pre-match responsibilities and there are many items that are handled and set up the day or days before the match by this staff.

2nd Tear Down:  This is everyone’s responsibility so, when your squad has completed the last stage of your match you must inform the Match Director to get the ok to tear down the stage down. Sanners has by far the quickest and easiest tear down in the area. 90% of our tear down consists of moving the target stands with targets still attached to front of the berm and the barrels to rear of the berm.  

3rd Stages protocol requires multiple answers:

  • Pasting & Resetting the Stage: If you are not the Range Officer, score keeper, shooter, shooter on deck and the shooter that has just shot (so he can reload and prepare for the next stage) you are pasting and resetting the stage. Having 12 to 16 people per squad eaves plenty of help and there should be no issues at all.

  • Calling out the shooting order: Each time a shooter is called to the line you should call out three names. Shooter, Shooter on Deck, and Shooter in the Hole.

  • When the shooter is standing by there should be no talking or chatter.

  • Picking up Magazines, Moon Clips or other gear:  This is also a task for the squad while pasting and resetting the stage. Please keep in mind overall it is the ultimate responsibility of the shooter to police his own gear.

4th Cleaning up: Sanners is the host club that provides us the range and time to have our match. The rule here is any and all trash you find please put in the barrels provided. I always want to leave our range in better condition than when we started as a rule of thumb.

5th Comments and Safety Concerns: Always bring these up to the Range officers as soon as you see any so we may address them ASAP.

                As always thank you all for coming out and making SMPS a success as it would never happen without you all. I have been shooting USPSA for over 20 years now and I still see new issues and circumstances arise but, as always with such great group of people there is nothing that we cannot overcome.